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Cumberland is one of the World’s leading electro-chlorination plant manufacturers serving the oil & gas, petrochemical, power, desalination, marine, municipal water and wastewater treatment industries.


Cumberland’s ELCHLOR™ cells have been specifically designed for off shore and marine applications where acid cleaning of plate type electrolysers is undesirable. In the ELCHLOR™ cell the tubular anode and cathode are mounted concentrically in a uniquely simple construction. The salt water passes through the annular gap between the electrodes where electrolysis takes place. This annular path produces a uniform velocity flow and promotes conditions which prevent the build up of salt deposition in the cells. ELCHLOR™ is a once through process and cells are arranged in series and parallel streams in order to meet capacity requirements. All ELCHLOR™ systems are factory assembled and tested in accordance with rigorous QA protocols to ensure that installation and commissioning at site is a simple process.

The ELCHOR™ range of standard and custom plant are constructed on mild steel skid frames and are fully pre-piped and pre-wired with capacities ranging from 0.5kg/hr to 25kg/hr.

Systems can be fitted with manual or automatic pre-filters, multiple dosing pumps for both continuous and/or shock dosing, air scour blowers, transformer rectifiers and control systems for fully automated operation.

ELCHLOR™ systems can be built to safe or zoned area specifications for installation in hazardous areas in off shore applications etc. Control systems can be located off skid in safe areas and/or from central DCS as required.


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