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Cumberland is one of the World’s leading electro-chlorination plant manufacturers serving the oil & gas, petrochemical, power, desalination, marine, municipal water and wastewater treatment industries.

Client Consultant Location Country Output Year
Amerada Hess P.T. Gunanusa Utama Fabricator Ujung Pangkah Development Offs Indonesia 2.68 kg/h 2011
Offshore Oil Company Not Applicable Client Confidential UAE 4.02 kg/h 2010
ADMA-OPCO, Abu Dhabi NPCC Habshan IGD – Offshore Facilit UAE 10.72 kg/h 2010
Qatar Gas Company Qatar Engineering and Construc Qatar Gas Offshore Qatar 10 kg/h 2008
ADMA-OPCO, Abu Dhabi Hyundai Heavy Industries Umm Shaif UAE 0.125 kg/h 2008
Dubai Petroleum Direct FATEH Petroleum UAE 20 kg/h 2008
Amerada Hess IKPT Ujung Pangka Indonesia 2.8 kg/h 2006
ASTANO Facet Oil Rig Semi-Sub, Mediterranea 0.7 kg/h 1989
ASTANO Facet Oil Rig Semi-Sub, Mediterranea 2.8 kg/h 1988
Amerada Hess Direct Ivanhoe / Rob Roy Project, Nor UK 5.2 kg/h 1987
Zadco, Abu Dhabi APSL, U.K. Upper Zakum, Abu Dhabi UAE 6.4 kg/h 1983
Mobil Oil Company De Groot Netherlands North Sea UK 0.45 kg/h 1983
Gulf Oil Serck Baker, U.K. Meren Field, Offshore Nigeria Nigeria 7 kg/h 1982
ADMA-OPCO, Abu Dhabi Technip Geo., Paris ADMA-OPCO,Abu Dhabi UAE 11 kg/h 1981
Mobil Oil Company Bechtel (G.B.) Ltd. Beryl Platform, North Sea UK 10 kg/h 1981
A.D.N.O.C. APSL, U.K. Upper Zakum, Abu Dhabi UAE 14 kg/h 1981
A.D.N.O.C. Serete, Paris Upper Zakum, Abu Dhabi 50 kg/h 1981
Danskbor Fluor (G.B.) Ltd. Danskbor, North Sea UK 5 kg/h 1979
Various Direct Approx. 85 Ships 1.0 kg/h 1974 – 1986



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