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Cumberland is one of the World’s leading electro-chlorination plant manufacturers serving the oil & gas, petrochemical, power, desalination, marine, municipal water and wastewater treatment industries.

Cumberland is one of the World's leading electrochlorination manufacturers generating on site disinfection agents for a range of industrial, waste water and potable water applications.

With an emphasis on electrochemical process design and a commitment to research and development in our field we have been at the leading edge of electrolyser technology since our formation in 1949.

Our World-renowned PANCLOR™ brand of electrolysers and systems are installed in hundreds of locations throughout the World. Our new generation cell technology is the culmination of our dedication to continuing product development, engineering excellence and quality assurance.

As a privately held and focused company Cumberland is focused on our customers with a view to establishing long term relationships.

Cumberland technology can be custom designed for our clients requirements taking into consideration space, weight, capacity and a range of other factors specific to each application.

Cumberland electrolysers are the most efficient in the industry based on advanced coating technology therefore minimizing the power consumption requirement for the generation on site of the disinfecting agents. On site generation by electrochlorination is safe and minimizes the transportation and storage of hazardous materials such as chlorine gas or the chemicals required for production of chlorine dioxide.

Cumberland systems are designed to minimize the application of chlorine based disinfection agents and our co-operation with KEMA in the application of Pulse Chlorination can provide significant cost reductions and environmental benefit for our clients.

Our Middle East office is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Our European office is located in the United Kingdom


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